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Friday, September 5, 2008

Halloween 2007

Well, folks, I'm back again with the pictures from last year, 2007.

Frank welcomes you to the Skeleton's Hand.
Back from the dead (or at least last year), Walter and Vern have all new pirate jokes and songs.
I finally got that Karl's oscilator to work when I want it to, and gave him some new hands.
Maggie the witch and a little pirate skeleton.
There was a crowd around the Magic Mirror all night long.
I bought the new magic mirror, Gordo, from ImaginEERIEing this year.
Isn't he just great?
My neighbor commissioned me to make a witch for her this year.
Alf, Earl, and the New Grim Reaper: the Reaper's head is an original Boris this year, though I didn't give him anything to say (Walter and Vern would have drowned him out). Incidentally, the large block on Boris' stand is exactly the right size to fit in a 3/4" pvc coupling.
Karl Again: I love the lighting in this shot. Remind me to turn his head off before taking a picture next time, though.
Will, the Mummy, Sculpted to look 90% like Boris Karloff in the 1930-something "The Mummy"
I had Walter and Vern rumming* off of a cell phone charger and an iPod this time around.*a typo, but a rather fitting one for a couple a pirates.

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  1. Awesome lighting + awesome photos = ....get ready for this... awesomeNESS! Very nice. I think the blogger format fits your website well.