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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Joker in Plaster

As my plastic surgeon always said, if you gotta go, go with a smile!
I made the mold of the Joker prosthetic over the past couple of days.  Above you can see the mold walls built up with water-based clay (easier to shape).
Did I mention there's also a nose tip appliance? Oh, well, there's a nose tip appliance.  I don't know whether I'll use it, but I know there will be extra foam when I mix it up for the mouth, so I figured I'd take a shot at it.
Here I'm a couple of layers in on the Ultracal-30 mold.
The finished outer mold:
And the core mold, which will either work or cause catastrophic failure due to its sloppiness:
At any rate, I'm gonna hang the core mold on my wall when this is done because I think it looks kinda cool.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sculpt Complete: Joker Makeup

What are you laughin' at? 
Texturing is more or less complete at this point.  It looks a little over the top, but I figure the whole thing's going to be painted bleachy white, with only a little grey shadowing, so the more the better.  I plan to mold this sucker tomorrow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Something New

You ever dance with the Devil by the pale moon light?
Having made a few foam latex creature skins for last year's haunt, I'm trying my hand at foam latex prosthetics.  Above (and below) is the start of a Jack Nicholson Joker (from Burton's Batman) sculpted over a cast of my lower face.
At this point, I'm still roughing in the forms.  Once the sculpt is done, I'll mold it, cast it, paint it, and apply it.

Not only is this my first venture into prosthetic makeup, but it's also my first time using Chavant NSP clay.  It's very nice stuff.