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Monday, September 1, 2008

Halloween 2005

I'm going to start out by showing the history of my little yard haunt, beginning in 2005, my first year.
Well, let's see... My dad and I built a coffin to house my blucky zombie/corpse.
He's wearing thrift store clothes aged with mud and a razor blade.
The two tombstones wre made with that really overpriced green styrofoam, which I cut with a kitchen knife, carved with an x-acto blade, and painted with tempra paint.
Then there was this twine spider web that took all day to hot glue together, and behind it...
The most ghastly Frankenstein's Monster dummy you've ever seen. It looked pretty good at noght under a strobe, though.
My first Flying Crank Ghost ran off a rotisserie motor (which I wouldn't recommend--it's a bit slow).
Last, but certainly not least, was my version of Imagineerieing's Magic Mirror. Got to their website (www.imagineerieing.com) for more information.

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