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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar-Nominated Makeup Artists

I was able to go to the Oscar-Nominated Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Symposium on Saturday to see the nominees talk about and show examples of their makeups before the Academy Awards.

It was very cool to see the makeups up close and hear the chief artists discuss the projects.  Ve Neill and three of the eliminated artists from the SyFy makeup competition show "Face Off" were in the audience (Frank was sitting right behind me).

At one point, the power went out, and when they got the lights back on, Rick Baker was lying on his back with his microphone sticking out of his chest.  Funny guy. 

Obviously, these are Rick Baker and Dave Elsey's Wolfman makeups.  The head above is a stunt mask, and the full bust was a test to show the studio in preproduction.

The following images are from Barney's Version.  I haven't seen the film, but I was rooting for it, since realistic human transformations are much more impressive in my book.

All these appliances are silicone aging prosthetics.  Above and below are for Paul Giamatti's character.

That's the makeup artist for Barney's Version, Adrien Morot.

You can see just how thin and subtle these pieces are...

Anyway, it was a very cool experience.