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Friday, September 5, 2008

Halloween 2006

As I said in the last post, I'll be revisiting my past haunts before introducing the new stuff for 2008. As you (hopefully) have guessed from the title, we shall now take a look at 2006's yard haunt.
Welcome to The Skeleton's Hand 2006!
Pretty much everything in the graveyard is new for 2006.
I had to take everything in each night to prevent damage from moisture (and anybody in a bad mood who just happened to be walking by)
The Corpses: the two on the right are all paper mache, the guy closest to you is done over a blucky, and the one in the back is from Spirit.
Maggie the witch (originally called Trisha): PVC frame, the head is sculpted model magic over a wighead. You can also see the improved spider victim.
The Magic Mirror Returns!
Scary Terry audio servo drivers make my skeleton pirates sing the Pirates of the Caribbean song and tell Mark Butler's Halloween jokes.
Karl got a little makeover earlier in the month-- new clothes that fit him and a fan motor to turn his head.
The Spider and his victim (on a slow spinning motor this time).
The Reaper: very basic pvc frame, with a mask, skeleton gloves and a nice electric lantern.
The New FCG (inspired by VileThings): The '06 version is made using my skeleton technique and some clay hands. I couldn't get a good picture on location, but here he is in the garage...
...and under blacklight.

Well, that's about it for the 2006 haunt. I'll be posting 2007 soon, and then we'll move on to the wonders of 2008...

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  1. I am frustrated with blogger for making me sign in. I wanted to sign my comment as being from, "The Ghost." Since your website is SO heavily trafficked, I know you would have to put your inductive skills to the test!
    Maybe to give you a hint, I'd have said, "The Ghost........tastic!"

    I love blacklights. I want my 17'' blacklight! I probably mentioned this.
    <3 Reaper

    -The Ghost
    p.s. if you didn't get why... I dunno. You just... fail. Period. Extra punctuation.