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Monday, November 2, 2015

He Chose ... Poorly

Our Halloween costumes this year: Dr. Elsa Schneider and Walter Donovan from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

...featuring False Grail Change-o-Face!

Did you catch the trick?  There's a UV LED flashlight hidden in the stem of the chalice to trigger the blacklight reactive makeup


  1. Wicked clever and very well executed! Well done, as usual!

  2. Mr Chicken (Jasper)

    Once again simply amazing...

    I am having narrated walkthrough and that would be perfect at end of the talk. Small haunt but you can see at my blog at:


    Can you give the details on how you did this? Is it glow in the dark paint or makeup?

    This is fantastic

    1. Small haunts are what it's all about! The makeup I used is Kryolan Luminous Cream Color Fluorescent for UV Light in the white color (which actually glows blue-green). Frends Beauty stocks it. Doesn't show up online, but if you call them I'm sure they can get it to you.

  3. whoa - way to cool. You must have been the life of the party!