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Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Tale of Two Eyeballs

I'm working on a larger post about Blaine Gibson's original sculpture of the Hatbox Ghost in Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction.  I couldn't talk about this design without commenting on how it's influenced me over the years.  Without going into the ways I've borrowed from looser stylistic elements of Gibson's work, I wanted to just give you the bullet points of where I couldn't help but use that one-buggy-eye design.

My 2008 Gravedigger:

2006 Groundbreaker (pictured in his 2009 refurb):

And a 2013 pumpkin carving:

I'm just now noticing that, for some reason, I've always done the eyes flip flopped.  Odd.


  1. I've borrowed the look as well.

  2. The Long Forgotten Haunted Mansion blog just posted an interview with the resurrectionist who recently brought the Hatbox Ghost back to Disney's Haunted Mansion.

    It was a fun little read, and (semi) informative!


    1. Of course, the ol' bugeye look has crept into my own work as well- It's just iconic- though I have to say that I may be more unconsciously influenced by the Topstone Ghoul!

    2. That's great, thanks for linking me to it! I always enjoy that blog.