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Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Haunted Tombstones!

Due to the success of the original Haunted Tombstone over the past few weeks, I've made another one. The Haunted Tombstone 2 has a new shape and new effects.  Check out the video below.

But wait, there's more!  I've also put both tombstones into one video, the Haunted Tombstone Set, so you can project them both at the same time.  The timing of each has been reworked so they play off of each other a little in this version.

Both are available for download here.

The Haunted Tombstone 2 ($30) download includes the video loop in HD and standard definition, each in portrait, and landscape (4 files).

The Haunted Tombstone Set ($60) includes an HD and SD video loop.

You can comment below or email me with any questions at ChickenHaunt [at] gmail.com

Like the original Haunted Tombstone, these are simply projected onto a blank tombstone.  Watch the How-To video below, if you missed it before.

For info on all of my Haunted Tombstone projection effects, visit the blog's Haunted Tombstone page.


  1. You are costing me waaaay to much money, and I kind of like it!

    I'll have to get that two-for-one deal and another projector so I can run both my Leota and the graveyard at the same time!

  2. Nice artwork, you're really coming along with your video-post effects. You've definitely got the eye and hand of a professional fx man.

  3. Gore-geous work, Jasper! I will be getting the set, I think. Might have to really spruce things up this year... so cool!

  4. Really great stuff! I am inspired. Perhaps a face bulging out from inside the stone? Or do you think the shadows would be too subtle?