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Friday, July 15, 2011

Grim, Grinning Ghosts ...in My Pocket

I finally caved and got an iPhone.  I needed a case to protect it, and that seemed like a good place to sneak in some Halloween.  So, I found a website that lets you design your own case, and I picked out one of my favorite illustrations by the legendary Marc Davis.  It's concept art for the Haunted Mansion organ-playing ghost in the ballroom scene.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a high resolution image of the whole drawing.  I took a high rez picture (which also had better color) that was incomplete, laid it on top of a lower rez picture to get the layout, and used Photoshop to extend it beyond even that to fill out the canvas (err...case).  I found Davis's signature and slipped that in there, too.
High-rez, Low-rez, composite, case preview
And today it arrived!
I'm very pleased.


  1. *Sigh* And now another cool thing to drool over. By the way, you might try out the very fun Zombie Booth iPhone app. Some one demo'd it at our last haunt club meeting, and it was a hit.

  2. That's great. Nice touch adding the signature. Not a week goes by I don't look to Marc Davis' work for a bit of inspiration... never thought of creating something like this.

  3. Nice, a little piece of Halloween always with you :)

  4. That's a good Halloween cover for an iPhone.