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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lincoln Makeup

It's theatrical makeup, so it's a little overdone in places and mostly just paint, but here are the pictures!
I think I overdid the nose a little, and certainly need to work on the edges, but overall, I consider it a success, as far as learning goes.

These are actually two different applications, the second photo being from a practice day,  but it came out better than the front shot from the final.  The beard was since trimmed, the shading refined, and a little more work was done on the eyes, as you can see in the first photo.


  1. Seriously?! This is AMAZING work!!!

  2. *applause* Excellent work! I see nothing overdone (stage makeup ferpetesake!) and would be proud to wear it in any production.
    Well, a production with Lincoln in it. I mean, it would be pretty weird to wear it in Wicked or Cats or something. Seriously, beautiful work.

  3. That...is...unbelievable. Beautiful work!