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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Sculpting

There's a pumpkin carving contest this week, and the pumpkins are free, so I figured I'd give pumpkin sculpting a whirl. This is the result of about 3 hours with an exacto knife and a medium sized loop tool.  

For a first attempt, I'm pleased.  I may add some wire stitches to the forehead laceration if I can acquire them by Thursday morning.

Subtractive sculpting is hard, especially when you're used to pushing clay and you're working on a round object with only about two inches of workable material before it becomes a dark, seeded void, but it's still quite fun.

added stitches


  1. That is AWESOME! No one else will ever enter again because they'll be so intimidated by this one.

  2. Excellent work! I absolutely love those wrinkled, pursed lips. The upper lip especially, such character.
    I wouldn't want to enter this contest now, hahaha!

    Man... Hallowe'en week rocks!

  3. Incredible! I could not do that in 3 days.
    ....and the winner is....

  4. That turned out fantastic....great character and it will probably look really cool once it starts to rot...you should do a time lapse piece with this pumpkin. You nailed it...subtractive sculpting is quite a different technique than using clay...very impressive and good luck in the contest.

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Mike and Scott, I'm honored to receive compliments from two my personal favorite haunters.
    A time lapse would be awesome, but I really don't have the means to do it, currently.

    As of this afternoon (when the pumpkins were all due), there are only two other entries (unless the others are in another location). Kind of disappointing.

  6. Totally Fabulous!! I assume you won!?

    -Rachel Fox

  7. So cool! I have always wondered what Burt Mustin would like as Frankenstein's Monster.