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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Something New

You ever dance with the Devil by the pale moon light?
Having made a few foam latex creature skins for last year's haunt, I'm trying my hand at foam latex prosthetics.  Above (and below) is the start of a Jack Nicholson Joker (from Burton's Batman) sculpted over a cast of my lower face.
At this point, I'm still roughing in the forms.  Once the sculpt is done, I'll mold it, cast it, paint it, and apply it.

Not only is this my first venture into prosthetic makeup, but it's also my first time using Chavant NSP clay.  It's very nice stuff.


  1. sweet! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. cool...where did you find the clay? I've not heard of that before. and how did you go about making a cast of your own face? (as you can probably tell, I know nothing about this craft!) regardless, you've done a terrific job of capturing the likeness of Jack's face--well, half of his face.

  3. Pam,
    I got the clay from Douglas and Sturgess in San Francisco (artstuf.com). It's a reusable oil-based clay.
    As for the cast, I cheated. A proper face casting is made by coating the subject's face in alginate, followed by plaster bandages. Then you pour Ultracal-30 into the mold. The alginate preserves all the surface details.
    But like I said, I cheated. I went straight for the plaster bandages, and just coated the hardened inside with vaseline before pouring the U-30. Why? It's cheaper, I could do it on myself without assistance, and, frankly, I just wanted to know what would happen. There's a significant loss of detail, and excessive vaseline in the mold means large chunks missing from the cast, but for this project, it should work just fine.

    for better phrased, more accurate information, check out theeffectslab.com

  4. thanks for the info...I'm going to check out the clay and the website!