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Monday, October 29, 2018

You Seem a Decent Fellow. I Hate to Kill You.

Our Princess Bride costumes made the rounds this past weekend. Here are a few brief notes on how we did it...

Inigo Montoya:
-found a shirt, dyed and added leather laces
-vest made from scratch with faux leather
-boots are women's boots with added faux leather cuffs
-wig was a cheap number, cut and styled, but set it back on my head to use my own hair as bangs
-mustaches are from Frends Beauty, trimmed
-pants were also used for Han Solo a few years ago
-belt is a "close enough"
-scars are 3rd Degree silicone

Dread Pirate Roberts:
-mask is a vacuum form of her face with faux stretch leather glued on top and an elastic band
-bandana and sash were just lengths of black fabric, hemmed
-added faux leather boot tops to regular boots
-cheap $7 frogs used for both swords
-bought a basic black pirate shirt. The sleeves aren't as full, but it's all so darned black that you can't really perceive whether the details are right
-her own pants and belt.


  1. Very good - and the swords you made look awesome. Hoping that you had a great party to attend.

  2. Everything is going to be alright. Are we really being honest

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