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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Couple of Zombies

This last week I got to do a fun, quick zombie job for a short film. 

The gag is that a kid in a movie theater sees a young couple kissing a few rows ahead of him, then, freaked out by the scary movie, imagines they're zombies tearing at each other's flesh.  So it was just a one shot reveal.

Except for the gory bits on the male zombie's neck, it's all just highlight and shadow with creme makeup, and a little dry blood.  I may have gone a bit too subtle, but I didn't want to push it too far, since the amount of innards getting pulled out of him was already going to be a little over the top.

Sydney Ross, who did the beauty makeup for the shoot, shot this video from the monitor of the tearing flesh gag while I was standing by with extra blood.

They had to go to lunch in makeup.  I'm sure passersby were a little perplexed.
The above photos were taken by Anabel, the producer

On his neck is a silicone prosthetic molded off of this quickie sculpture I did of a bite wound, with red stringy latex for her to bite and pull and tear.

Fun stuff!


  1. That's great! Yeah I'd say it might be a little subtle, but it works.

    Honestly I feel that the simpler the makeup the better when it comes to zombies. Heck the original '69 Night of the Living Dead zombies in white pancake makeup still freak me out the worst (followed by the weird eggshell blue in Dawn of the Dead).

    The lunch thing reminds me of one of the shoots on our film. We were out in the local cemetery until around 2:00am, with about 20 zombies in full makeup.

    Four or five of us, still in full zombie makeup, piled into my car and on the way back to the production house we stopped at the Jack in the Box, ordered about 40 tacos, and went through the drive-in full zombie regalia.

    A night to remember.