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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Speaking of Star Wars...

Did you know I once made a wooden lightsaber?

I had a neighbor who was (is) a very talented woodworker, and I talked him into helping me turn this Luke Skywalker lightsaber on his lathe out of pine!  Lots of sanding and bondo work.  I don't remember how we did the gear-shaped pommel, but I know it's all one piece.  It says 2010, but I think that's the year I finished painting it.  I believe it was started at least a couple years earlier.

Actually, it's not the only lightsaber I made.  I also made a stunt version of this one out of PVC, so I could film a lightsaber fight (maybe one day you'll get to see one of those, eh?).  And a bunch of others...

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