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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Davis Graveyard Needs You!

Chris and Jeff Davis of the Davis Graveyard, without doubt one of the most impressive home haunts around, have fallen on hard times.  Both of them lost their jobs, one three years ago and one a few months ago. They've been searching hard for work but nothing has come their way as of yet, and now they're at risk of losing their home.  I'll let you read Chris' post (here) for the details.  

Fellow SoCal haunter Derek Young has put up a donations page on GoFundMe to give us all a way to show the Davises a little support.  Chris and Jeff have certainly done more than their part to support the efforts of haunters everywhere, so if you've ever admired their photos, learned from their how tos, participated in the Home Haunter DVD Collection, please throw a few dollars their way to keep their haunt and lives on track.

If you don't know them, take a moment to click the links above.  You'll be glad you did.  Seriously, the Davis Graveyard rocks.


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