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Friday, May 25, 2012


Makeup, Halloween... I've been at it for a while.  Here's a shot from 1998 featuring my first, uh, prosthetic makeup.  I'm the witch with the giant hat.  Construction paper nose adhered (not so well) with glue stick.  Age 7.

I believe I did my brother's cat whiskers, too.

Mom's black sweater, Dad's shoes... yeah, this was the coolest thing ever.  

Oh, P.S. I served the trick-or-treaters candy from a dry ice filled cauldron.  Does this count as a first haunt?


  1. Great pics and yes, it counts as a first haunt. Good timing, somethings in the air...I just posted pics from one of my first haunts in 95 tonight.

  2. I'm with Dave -- yes it counts! Great post!

  3. It absolutely counts and thanks for sharing your memories.

  4. This really makes me want to go dig up my old Halloween photos! I was once a witch, but I think 7-year-old you pulled it off better.