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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Romulan Makeup

Makeup based on Captain Nero from Star Trek (2009).

Gelatin forehead, tattoos applied by sponging alcohol-activated makeup over a plastic stencil (template below), cheapie latex ear tips from post-Halloween sale (since I didn't have the time to mold and cast my own), eyebrows made from paintbrush bristles, bald cap, creme makeup foundation and coloring (could have used more mottled reds and darker flesh tones, but it was a rushed application)...and about two days too little stubble.

Here's the real Nero for comparison...you can see how far off I was on the colors.  Oh well, something to work on for the next project.

And more of mine:

*I regret to admit that there's some healing brush at work in these photos, as I had to rush the application in an hour and was rather embarrassed by the edges.

Feel free to use my Nero Tattoo Templates:

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