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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Bloodshed Brothers

Zach and Jeromy, The Bloodshed Brothers, have been doing awesome video logs on their Youtube channel and... oh, heck, I'm just going to quote them:

The Blood Vlogs follow The Bloodshed Brothers through a year of being a home haunter.  Letting Halloween consume their everyday life, they invite you along for the ride.

So, since they bought one of my groundbreakers, yesterday's vlog (below) was a shout out to me, so I'm going to shout right back out at them and say you should be subscribed to their channel so you can watch these videos as they come out.

Seriously, go do it.

Why are you still here?  Go subscribe!


  1. I came over from thebloodshedbrothers vlog. You do very nice work!

  2. what brand of flip phone hd is it? great quality video.
    please let me know..

  3. Anonymous, you'll have to ask the brothers (links in the post). It's their video, not mine