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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3-Axis Zombie Completed

Let's get you up to date with this guy...
I finished sculpting and prepared the mold walls...
...and started layering on the plaster
First the front half, then remove the dividing wall, coat with vaseline, back half, then separate them...
Then I made a core...
and finally did a pull in foam latex...
Lastly (at least, until I decide whether he'll get some sparse grey hair), ol' Zombie got an airbrush job with rubber cement paints
Not too shabby for a last minute job


  1. Not too shabby indeed! Can't wait to see him go!

  2. Wow, last minute!! I wish my last minute stuff was half that good. Amazing!!


  3. Incredible!! Your expertise astounds me!!!! Do you work in special effects or are you self taught?

  4. Bill,
    Thanks! I'm self taught, but I have received some advice from professionals regarding technical matters. Anybody can do this stuff, it's just a matter of putting the effort into learning it :)

  5. I'm completely speechless. You're work is just, wow. I'm so following your blog from now on!