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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3-Axis Frankenstein Progress Update

Well, I got my best pull so far this afternoon.

Here it is straight out of the mold:

and after a little bit of snipping (the final product will be trimmed much cleaner-- I just wanted to see how this would look):

Here's the three I've done so far...none will make the final cut for my haunt, but it's getting close:
^that one on the far left I used to test paint colors (which I haven't figured out yet) and hair punching (which I will not be doing)

Incidentally, I found out that he looks rather dashing on a bucky skull, even though it was sculpted on a lindberg initially:
(you're just going to have to believe me that there's a bucky under there...yes I mounted it on a blucky body, but what's a cheapskate haunter to do?)

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  1. Great work. What a cool prop. I can hardly wait to see it finished!!

    Great blog!!