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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alf Re-skinned

This is Alf* (front and center) as he appeared in 2006.
Pretty cool, but after two and a half years in the attic, he was getting pretty decrepit. So, in true Frankenstein fashion, I kept his noggin and made a better, stronger body for him. This is the new, improved (and heavily Pumpkinrot influenced) Alf:

I like him much better now, don't you?

Basically, the old torso was made exclusively out of newspaper and flour-and-water paper mached paper towel skin. The new Alf's bones are PVC pipes with newspaper ribs, and the skin was soaked in latex-based paint for a much more heavy duty deadness.

*Yes, he does have a brother named Ralf. He's next in line for a redo.


  1. You struck exactly the right pose with this, and the heavy folds are perfect. Really nice!

  2. So if I wanted to do this I would need, PVC, newspaper and latex paint????

  3. That's the idea. Here's a few pictures of the understructure:

  4. Oh, and paper towels for the skin.