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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008 Countdown #5

Having not updated this thing in a while, I am pleased to present a rather mysterious preview of upcoming events (why, yes, that was a Rear Window quote - so glad you noticed).
Anywho, this is Stanley:And this is Rear Window, quite possibly my favorite movie*:*Not that it has any connection to Halloween, but feel free to add it to your Netflix queue.

*Edit: Notice the new title of the blog. My allusions are now justified.


  1. Mr. Chicken, I've been very inspired by your Halloween preparations. I was hoping to do a drive by to check it all out - but how will I figure out where you live?

  2. Ann, keep searching. I prefer not to put it out in the open, but I think you can find it.
    May I ask how you found the blog?