Friday, January 23, 2015

Vincent Price Project: More Sculpting

Still a long way to go with this guy. Here's a few shots, each a couple days apart of the last week or so of progress

And then I lost track of the likeness, and he went into a weird Timothy Dalton land for a short time. No pics of that stage, but today I think it's starting to shape back up:

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vincent Price Project: Beginnings

Here's what's in the works currently. The plan is to have a realistic bust of Vincent Price, with silicone skin, punched hair, acrylic eyes, etc. Should be a nice portfolio piece if it works out how I'm envisioning it.

I'm going for a "House on Haunted Hill" era Vincent.

Step 1: armature

The less the better, so it doesn't interfere with the proportions of the sculpture. The only reason to sculpt a head on top of another one is if it's going to be a mask.

Step 2: roughing out the sculpture

I use Chavant NSP Medium clay. This is a few sessions in. Still quite a ways to go.

Incidentally, if you're thinking about doing some sculpting, you may find my Fright Radio segment interesting:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Noggins Available!

Okay, gang, due to popular request, I'll be offering castings of my skull sculpture. You can either get it in rigid foam or hollow resin.

Foam castings are not going to be as well detailed or perfect as the resin. So if you want it for display, go resin, if you're going to modify it or corpse it, save a buck and get the foam.

Resin skulls come white (pictured below painted), and foam is yellowish (pictured below unpainted). Both will need a bit of cleanup along the seams (a razor blade and a bit of light sandpaper will do the trick). The foam will need a coat of primer to paint, and the resin needs a very light sanding before acrylic paint will stick.

The skulls are in two parts (cranium and mandible), and measure approximately 5" from cheekbone to cheekbone, and 8" from chin to top of the head.

Resin for $55, Foam for $30. $50 and $25 without the mandible, respectively. $10 shipping in the US for one skull. Email me your zip code for shipping cost of more skulls.

Email me at with what you'd like to order, and I'll send you a Payapal request (so be sure to tell me if you use a different email on your Paypal account).

This is a temporary offer, as I do not intend to be making skulls all the time, haha. I'll update this post when it changes or ends.

Thanks for your interest, folks!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Skull Copies

Raw castings in foam (L) and resin (R)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Eyeball Moldmaking How To Video!

I got a few questions on how I make my eyeballs, so here's a video on making a mold to churn out as many peepers as you want!