Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Upcoming Events

Pardon my absence of late.  I've been working on some really cool projects at a really cool special effects shop that I'll share as soon as I'm able.


Coming up very soon, I'll be participating in two Halloween events in Los Angeles, CA!

First is ScareLA August 8 & 9 at the Pasadena Convention Center - ScareLA.com

I'll be there with a new and improved booth for Mr. Chicken's Prop Shop, where I'll have the Haunted Tombstones, Sybil the Clairvoyant, and and ALL NEW projection effect you won't want to miss!*

*If you do miss it at the event, don't fret. I'll have it available online, of course.

Also at ScareLA on Sunday August 9th at 2pm, I'll be teaching a class called "Demystifying Projection Effects." Explore the many possibilities of using video projectors in your haunted attraction. Witness a demonstration of simple and not-so-simple projection-based illusions. Plus, Mr. Chicken will talk tech on choosing projectors and video playback devices. Beginners and pros alike will benefit from these tips and tricks. Have a question? Ask away!
Check it out HERE

Next up is Son of Monsterpalooza on September 18-20 at the Burbank Mariott.  Monsterpalooza.com

This is a super cool show that happens twice a year, and I'm thrilled to have been asked to participate this time.   The Mr. Chicken's Prop Shop booth will be in full swing once again, and you'll definitely want to check out all the other artists while you're there.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vincent Price Project: Sculpting (part 4)

Not much progress lately, but a friend of mine loaned me a really nice copy of a VP lifecast. I think it's about 10 years younger than the late 1950's Vincent that I'm sculpting, but it gives a good reference for the landmarks and dimensions on his face. I was actually surprised how close I was on the overall proportions. Most of the areas that are off are pretty much what I expected to find. It'll be an interesting challenge to balance this three dimensional reference with the photos that I've been using to capture the "right" version of him.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vincent Price Project: Sculpting (part 3)

It's been a while since we last saw dear Vincent, so let's have a little update, shall we?

As before, each photo represents another session of sculpting (more or less). I apologize for the size of the pictures.

I realize that the difference between each of these photos doesn't seem huge, but what was actually happening was that, in between each photo here, I'd see something that felt off, and completely change an area of his face to adjust it, then adjust the rest of the face to agree with the new altered area. The likeness would completely disappear in those stages, and then I'd snap a picture when it started coming back.

What? That doesn't look like sculpting! Actually, I got a little 3D printer to help with some of the more precision parts of my various projects, and the first order of business was making some properly sized eyeball placeholders for this sculpture. The wooden balls that were there before were just a hair too small. Well, a few hairs. The old ones were 24.5mm, and the new ones are 26mm. It makes a huge difference on a face, though.

So then we had a little...surgery.

It's been a great mystery to me throughout this process how Vincent's face can be so structured from some angles, and so full from others. Keeping a variety of shots around makes it easier to keep track, but making forms that satisfy all angles of the reference is really tricky.

And that bring us up to date.  That last shot was about 2am last night.  I realized I had been handling his cheeks all wrong, and it took bringing out the lifecast of a similarly aged actor I had worked with to figure it out. Now we're getting somewhere...I hope!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Vincent Price Project: More Sculpting

Still a long way to go with this guy. Here's a few shots, each a couple days apart of the last week or so of progress

And then I lost track of the likeness, and he went into a weird Timothy Dalton land for a short time. No pics of that stage, but today I think it's starting to shape back up:

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vincent Price Project: Beginnings

Here's what's in the works currently. The plan is to have a realistic bust of Vincent Price, with silicone skin, punched hair, acrylic eyes, etc. Should be a nice portfolio piece if it works out how I'm envisioning it.

I'm going for a "House on Haunted Hill" era Vincent.

Step 1: armature

The less the better, so it doesn't interfere with the proportions of the sculpture. The only reason to sculpt a head on top of another one is if it's going to be a mask.

Step 2: roughing out the sculpture

I use Chavant NSP Medium clay. This is a few sessions in. Still quite a ways to go.

Incidentally, if you're thinking about doing some sculpting, you may find my Fright Radio segment interesting: http://chickenhaunt.blogspot.com/2014/02/sculpting-tips-fright-radio.html